Suffering from Dry Eye this Winter?

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Dry Eye is a common problem.  Especially in this cold, dry weather.  Dry eye  can effect anyone. The symptoms can increase with age and are often triggered by illness and certain medications.  There are glands lining the eyelids that produce a natural oil which thickens the tears and helps to hold them  in the eye.  Our eyes should be covered in a thin layer of tears at all times, in order to keep the eye moist and comfortable, and also to clear out any dust and dirt. This helps to prevent eye infections. When low in this oil, the tears will quickly evaporate off the eye, causing the eye to dry  up as the day goes on. This often leads to a gritty/itchy sensation on the eye, or the eyes feeling tired or heavy as the day goes on.
So how can we prevent Dry Eye?

  • Diet is very important for alleviating the symptoms of dry eye.  Increased intake of foods rich in oils such as oily fish and seeds, along with a generally healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • A pair of good quality, well-fitting sunglasses will help to protect the eyes when outdoors.
  • A lubricating ointment can help to soothe the gritty sensation.  (Please call in to our shop to pick up some of this)
  • Drink plenty of water!

Heat is an important factor for sufferers of dry eye.  Heat softens the oil already in the eye, it also dilates the oil-producing glands increasing the production of oil in the eye.  We carry Eye Spoons and Eye Masks specifically for this purpose.  To pick one of these up or simply find out more information about Dry Eye, call in to our store on Middle Street or phone 091-569569 to make an appointment at our Dry Eye Clinic.Eye-ssential Mask




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