Seeing Behind the eye With OCT scanning

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Helen Walsh Opticians is one of just 12 optician practices in the country who currently offer OCT scanning. We have used the OCT technology for over 18 months, during which our professional staff has attended training seminars both in house and with Topcon University.

Helen Walsh

Helen Walsh

  What is OCT?

OCT, or ocular coherence tomography, is a detailed scan similar to an ultrasound, which is used to illustrate the different layers that make up the eye. OCT is an instant scan that provides detail at a   near microscopic resolution. No preparation is required before the safe, pain-free test can be conducted. Images are saved digitally to allow for easy storage and sending forward if necessary to the       patient’s GP or Ophthalmologist.

  Who should have an OCT?

We hope to establish a baseline scan for all patients to help identify the smallest changes.We live in an ageing population and it is expected there will be a 50% increase in visual impairment in the   next 20 years. Early detection is key to reducing the risk of loss of vision. That is why regular eye examinations with OCT scanning are so important.


What conditions can an OCT help monitor or identify?

  •   Age related macular degeneration (ARMD)
  •   Diabetes
  •   Glaucoma
  •   Macular holes and vitreous detachments

Helen Walsh Opticians is located in Middle Street Court, Galway. To make a booking for an OCT scan, drop into the store or phone 091-569569.

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Suffering from Dry Eye this Winter?

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Dry Eye is a common problem.  Especially in this cold, dry weather.  Dry eye  can effect anyone. The symptoms can increase with age and are often triggered by illness and certain medications.  There are glands lining the eyelids that produce a natural oil which thickens the tears and helps to hold them  in the eye.  Our eyes should be covered in a thin layer of tears at all times, in order to keep the eye moist and comfortable, and also to clear out any dust and dirt. This helps to prevent eye infections. When low in this oil, the tears will quickly evaporate off the eye, causing the eye to dry  up as the day goes on. This often leads to a gritty/itchy sensation on the eye, or the eyes feeling tired or heavy as the day goes on.
So how can we prevent Dry Eye?

  • Diet is very important for alleviating the symptoms of dry eye.  Increased intake of foods rich in oils such as oily fish and seeds, along with a generally healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • A pair of good quality, well-fitting sunglasses will help to protect the eyes when outdoors.
  • A lubricating ointment can help to soothe the gritty sensation.  (Please call in to our shop to pick up some of this)
  • Drink plenty of water!

Heat is an important factor for sufferers of dry eye.  Heat softens the oil already in the eye, it also dilates the oil-producing glands increasing the production of oil in the eye.  We carry Eye Spoons and Eye Masks specifically for this purpose.  To pick one of these up or simply find out more information about Dry Eye, call in to our store on Middle Street or phone 091-569569 to make an appointment at our Dry Eye Clinic.Eye-ssential Mask




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Get your transitions in ICONIC GREEN this Summer

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iconic green transitions

Transitions are perfect for those outdoor people. They darken in the sun and help protect the eyes from UV damage so you don’t have to swap and change between your regular glasses and your shades. Choose your frame and ask us about having new iconic green transition lenses fitted into them. Until now, customers have enjoyed their transitions in grey and brown, Graphite green uses patented technology to give you more natural vision and enhance your colour perception. Whatever your look, Graphite green perfectly complements many styles from classic to cutting-edge. Avail of our Love ’em or leave ’em guarantee where if you are not 100% happy with your Transition lenses we will replace them with the equivalent clear lenses within 60 days of purchase.

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UV Risks and Protection

Sunglasses in a display case

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The sun is shining and although it is beautiful and warm, we need to protect our eyes from those UV rays!  UV rays are what tan our skin  in the sun, but they also affect the cornea, lens, iris, retina and related epithelial and conjunctival tissues. UVR damage is cumulative and permanent.  Wearing a good pair of polaroid sunglasses can help protect your eyes from the damage caused by these rays while you’re enjoying the sunshine.  Children can be at particular risk as they have larger pupils, have clearer lenses and they  tend to spend more time outdoors without protection.  Don’t worry, this is easily avoidable as we carry a range of kids and adult sunglasses in store.unnamed

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