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It is now easier and more comfortable to wear contact lenses than ever before. Contact lenses are great for sports, social events or even just as an alternative to the everyday wearing of glasses. As a specialist contact lens practice we are able to fit and supply almost anyone with contact lenses, regardless of prescription. We also supply lenses to correct astigmatism and progressive lenses that are similar to varifocal spectacle lenses.

Choice of Lenses

As an independent practice, we deal with all the major lenses companies including Johnson and Johnson (Acuvue), Ciba Vision, and Bausch and Lomb. But we also deal with specialised lens makers for custom fit lenses if required. This allows us to offer you a choice of lenses to suit you, your visual requirements and your lifestyle needs.
Contact lens technology is constantly evolving and advancing. If you have been told in the past that you are not suitable for contacts, this may not be the case now. So, if you have been thinking about getting lenses then why not talk to us about your options? We would only be happy to help.

Regular Care

Regular aftercare appointments are essential for maintaining the health and comfort of your eyes. At these, your optician will be able to give you reliable aftercare advice and can help if you have any problems with your lenses. If you are a new wearer, you will need check-ups during the first weeks and months of wear. After that you should have regular check-ups as recommended by your optician.
Contact us today to find out how wearing contact lenses could allow you to get more out of life.